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World Circassian Language Day

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We thank everyone that participated.

"Узэрымыпсалъэ бзэм уригупсысэкъым, узэрымыгупсысэ бзэр щымы1э п1алъэщ."

Дунейпсо адыгэ ныбжьыщ1э хасэм къыбгъэдэк1у дэтхэнэ зыми адыгэбзэм и махуэмк1э дынывохъуэхъу!
Мы ди нэтынымк1э фытедгъэгушхуэну дыхуейщ, ц1ык1ухэр анэдэлъхубзэм хуевгъэджэну. Иджыри гук1и-псэк1и дыныволъэ1у - ди щ1эблэм адыгэбзэк1э фепсалъэ!

"Уи бзэр бзууэ пlэщlэкlамэ,
Кlэлъылъати къэпхъуэтэж.
Ар уи щlэблэм lурыпчамэ,
Къэтlи мащэ итlысхьэж."

Dear Circassians,

Congratulations on the world Circassian language day.

The World Circassian Youth Organization presents on this day a short film named: I am Adige, I speak Adigebze.

One of the oldest unchanged languages in the world ... Adigebze.

This beautiful language that has existed for thousands of years is unfortunaty considered by linguists and specialized organizations (incl: UNESCO) as endangered.

Adighabza has deep roots in the North Caucasus region.

Greeks used Circassian names to denominate the river Danube (Circassian: Танэпс). They also knew the Sea of Azof as the Maeotian sea ( Circassian: мы1ут, the sea which cannot be dammed).

The influence of Circassian language remains today in the names of Ukrainian families ending with the suffix -ko, from the Circassian word къуэ for : the son of.

Adigebze is mainly divided into two dialects: eastern and western.

In the homeland, Adigebze is spoken in all areas where Adiges live.

With rather less speakers in diaspora, it is mostly the the elders that speak the language fluently.

Today we have all kinds of sources to learn it.

We as CYO have several projects to teach Adigebze including a rich website dedicated to sharing materials and a language parnter program together with people from the homeland.

If you speak Adigebze, use it! Speak with your children and teach them. If you don't, what you can do is find an online teacher and show them materials like cartoons and films.

Let us work together, so our children can speak it fluently.

We still have a chance.

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