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Why Turkish People Make This Sound?

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This really Got me offguard, I almost thought he was insulting me at first 😅🤷🏼‍♂️ that’s why it’s so important to be open for different cultures to be different than ourselves and not judge, but try to understand.

If we start an interaction by judging , then we will always find most people from other cultures to be “insulting”, “bad mannered”, “weird”, “disgusting” etc.. But if we first try to understand their culture, understand their way of eating, their way of interacting, then, 100% of the times I end up falling in love with their culture, and I learn something new and fascinating 🙌✨

Also, I always find so interesting how after you notice one thing, you can’t stop seeing it everywhere!
Now that I noticed this Turkish feature 🇹🇷 it’s so much easier to understand them when they speak, because most of the time they do this signs while they speak, so even if I don’t know Turkish, I can understand what they say by reading their signs 🙌

But I have to say this is a feature of the people who live in Turkey, but many of the people in this video are not actually from Turkish descent, but Kurdish, Assyrian, Arab and also Turkish 🇹🇷

This country is spectacular 🙌🫶

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