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Oldest tribes on Earth, Circassians!

Circassians are one of the oldest tribes on Earth, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. They are a group of people who once lived in what is now the North Caucasus region of Russia, and are known for their unique culture, traditions, and way of life. Today, Circassians can be found in various countries around the world, including Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel, and the United States.

Circassians have a rich and diverse history, with influences from various tribes, cultures, and civilizations throughout the millennia. They have been known by many different names over time. The origins of the Circassians are not entirely clear, but it is believed that they are descended from the ancient Scythians, who once inhabited the region.

The Circassians have a complex cultural and social structure, with many different clans and tribes that are divided by geography, language, and lineage. Traditionally, they were a nomadic people, living in small villages and wandering from place to place with their herds of cattle, sheep, and horses. They were skilled hunters and warriors, and were known for their bravery and mastery on the battlefield.

The Circassians have their own language, which is part of the Northwest Caucasian language family. They also have their own unique music, dance, and art, which are deeply rooted in their culture and history.

The Circassians have a unique language, Adyghe, which belongs to the Northwest Caucasian language family. Adyghe is a complex language with over 50 different sounds and numerous grammatical rules. Despite the increasing global use of English and other international languages, the Circassians continue to promote and preserve their native tongue as a means of cultural identity.

In terms of religion, the Circassians practiced Sunni Islam, which was introduced to the region during the 16th century by the Ottoman Empire. Prior to this, the Circassians used to follow pagan and polytheistic beliefs. While they adopted Islam, they integrated many of their pre-existing cultural practices and customs into the religion.

The Circassians are also known for their traditional dances and music. The traditional dance, known as the Cherkesskaya, is a highlight of their cultural heritage. It is an energetic dance that involves intricate footwork and fast-paced movements while being accompanied by traditional music.
Their traditional dress is also an important aspect of their cultural heritage, with men and women wearing colorful and ornate garments that reflect their individual status and rank.

The Circassians are also known for their hospitality and family values, with the concept of "Adic" being central to their culture. Adic is a traditional Circassian code of conduct that emphasizes hospitality, respect for others, and generosity, being passed down through generations.

The Circassians also have a rich history of military rulers, and their warriors were prominent in the Caucasian Wars against the Russian Empire. They were known for their skill and bravery on the battlefield, and many Circassians became famous military leaders.

Despite their rich history and cultural heritage, the Circassians have had a difficult past marked by wars, genocide, and forced displacement of many others. It is estimated that up to 90% of the Circassian population perished during this period.

During the 19th and 20th century, the Russian Empire and later the Soviet government systematically persecuted the Circassians, leading to the deaths of many and forced displacement of others.
The Circassians continue to struggle for recognition of these atrocities and for their rights as an indigenous people.

The Circassian Genocide is one of the darkest chapters in their history, and has had a lasting impact on their community both in Russia and around the world. Despite the passage of time, the Circassians still mourn the loss of their ancestors and the destruction of their culture and way of life.

In conclusion, the Circassians are one of the oldest tribes on Earth, with a rich cultural heritage that includes their unique language, and religion. An in-depth study of the Circassians can provide a fascinating insight into a culture, dances, music, and family values. that has survived for centuries despite adversity

Today, the Circassian community is widely dispersed around the world, and has largely assimilated into the cultures of the countries in which they reside.