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Also known as Abzakh or Abadzekh. Historically, they lived in the mountainous of Adygea and Krasnodar Krai. Major settlements or villages were located in the river valleys Kurdzhips, Psheha, Pshish, and Psekups.


Also known as Beslenei or Baslaney. They are closest to Kabardians. The noble families of the Besleney were Kanoko and Shaloho,


Also known as Bjedugh, Bzhedug or Bazdug. The Bzhedug people live in Adygea and Krasnodar Krai, and are well represented in the Adyghe (Circassian) diaspora in all countries of residence. Even in ancient times the Bzhedug people were divided into four tribes.


They were known for their art of war as a warrior tribe. After the Russo-Circassian War. The Hatuqway were a western Circassian tribal princedom whose homeland lay along the banks of the Kuban River.


Also known as Kabardin, Kebertei, or Kabarday. The Kabardians are the largest Circassian (Adyghe) tribe in the world in general.


Originally, the Mamkhegs lived in the territory between the Belaja and Kurdžips Rivers, in the territory of modern Maykop. The Mamkhegh spoke a special dialect of the Adyghe language, closest to that of the Temirgoy.


The Natukhaj, Natuqway or Natukha. Their areas historically extended along the Black Sea coast from Anapa in the north to Tsemes Bay (now Novorossiysk) in the south and from the north side of the mountains to the lower Kuban River.


Also known as the Shapsugh or Shapsogh Historically, the Shapsug tribe comprised one of the largest groups of the Black Sea Adyghe.


Temirgoy or Chemirgoy or Kemgui. They lived between the lower flows of the Belaya and Laba Rivers and their lands extended north to the Kuban.


The name Ubykh is derived from Убыхыбзэ, its name in the Adyghe language. It is known in linguistic literature by many names: variants of Ubykh, such as Ubikh, Oubykh. The Ubykh used to inhabit the capital of Circassia, Sache (Circassian: lit. seaside) — present-day Sochi, Krasnodar Krai.


The Yegeruqwai is a sub-tribe of the Adyghe people, who are a Circassian people native to the Caucasus region in Eastern Europe. The Adyghe people are divided into several sub-tribes, each with their own distinct language, culture, and traditions.


The Zhaney were a very powerful Circassian tribe in the past. They lived the north of the Natukhai tribe's land on the coast of the Black Sea and Azov Sea in Eastern Europe.

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