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Circassian Activists in Turkey Receive Boost from Erdogan   - Details
On May 21, Circassians worldwide marked the 149th anniversary of the end of the Russo-Caucasian war. In the North Caucasus, the largest republic with a Circassian

Who Are The Circassians, And Why Are They Outraged At Sochi?   - Details
Only one day old, the Sochi Olympics have already proved the most controversial games in decades. But while gay rights, Islamic terrorist threats and Pussy Riot have stolen the headlines, the Circassian ethnic group has a far older grievance with Sochi, a city it says is steeped in 150 years of bloodshed. - Çerkesya Yurtseverleri   - Details
13 Haziran Geçmiş Değil Geleceğimizdir! 13 Haziran 1861'de Çerkesya'nın son başkenti Soçi'de yaşanmış olan tarihsel olaylar Çerkes halkına çok şey anlatıyor.

Circassians (Adyghe) - a generous and warlike people Источник   - Details
A large number of different peoples live on the territory of the Russian Federation. One of them is the Circassians - a people with an original amazing culture that was able to maintain its bright individuality. Источник:

Адыгэ макъ официальный сайт газеты   - Details официальный сайт газеты

Новости Адыгеи, история, культура и традиции адыгов (черкесов)   - Details
Адыги .RU - Новости Адыгеи, история, культура и традиции адыгов (черкесов)

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