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ETHNONYMS: Adyghe, Cherkess (Tscherkess), Dzhigets, Kabardians, Ubykhs (Oubykhs)   - Details
Identification. The Circassians and their close kin, the Ubykhs, all call themselves "Adyghe" (three syllables). They originally inhabited an area of the northwestern Caucasus, though after the Russian conquest of 1864 fully half of them emigrated to the Ottoman Empire.

The Circassians in Israel   - Details
Israeli Circassian men wearing the traditional dress of the Caucasus warrior. The Circassian flag in the photo features three arrows surrounded by twelve stars

A Freakish Whiteness: The Circassian Lady and the Caucasian Fantasy   - Details
When I first stumbled across the photograph reproduced below, over fifteen years ago at an antique show, it struck me as ludicrous, inexplicable, and yet also somehow haunting.

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