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Circassian Day of Mourning (May 21)   - Details
On the day of the end of the Russian-Caucasian war of 1763–1864, on the day of memory and sorrow of the Circassians, we publish another album-manifesto from Jrpjej.

150 Years Ago, Sochi Was the Site of a Horrific Ethnic Cleansing   - Details
Czar Alexander II may have freed the serfs, but his war against the stateless people of the Caucasus cannot be ignored

Seven things to know about the Circassians — and their struggle   - Details
This week, Circassians are commemorating the ethnic cleansing of their people. The ethnic group has several associations in Turkey which aims to preserve Circassian national heritage.

by Stephen D. SHENFIELD Stephen D. Shenfield is an independent researcher and translator living in the USA. He specializes in Russian and post-Soviet affairs

شراكس العالم Adiga world   - Details
جمع شمل اكبر عدد ممكن من شراكس العالم ومناقشة قضاياهم

Кто такие Черкесы?   - Details
Сборник цитат из русских и зарубежных документальных источников, объясняющих этническую принадлежность черкесов

Черкесы (адыгэ) — великодушный и воинственный народ Источник:   - Details
Прежде чНа территории Российской Федерации проживает большое количество различных народов. Один из них черкесы — народность с самобытной потрясающей культурой, которая смогла сохранить свою яркую индивидуальность.

150 Years Ago, Sochi Was the Site of a Horrific Ethnic Cleansing   - Details
History has largely been kind to Alexander II, the Russian czar who freed the serfs in 1861, just two years before Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 (the two world leaders even corresponded about their plans.

Princes Cherkasskii or Circassian Murzas   - Details
The non-Russian peoples of Russia usually appear in the works of historians beginning with the time of Peter the Great. There are a few exceptions to this rule, primarily as the result of the studies of Andreas Kappeler,

The facts of the Circassian genocide haunt the region today. Following the 101-year-long war, led by the Russians against the Circassians in the Caucasus, the Russian army finally succeeded in subduing the region.

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