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Connect with your past

It is a way of preserving the memory of ancestors, connecting families to their past, and fostering a sense of pride and identity..
Preserve Your Family's History and Kinship by Building a Circassian Family Tree. From the grandfather to the youngest son.
Can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

It can be challenging to maintain a strong connection to our heritage and our roots.

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Connect with your Circassian roots. Honor your ancestors. It’s simple! Start with what you know, add names, photos, stories of your relatives. We will be with you until you discover the rest.

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Abdzakh, Besleney, Bzhedug, Hatuqway, Kabardian, Mamkhegh, Natukhay, Shapsug,
Temirgoy, Ubykh, Yegeruqway, Zhaney.

Create a Circassian family tree by Identifying your tribe, and Circassian ancestry represented by stars on the Circassian flag.

Trace your ancestry and culture
through a Circassian Family TreeCircassian leaf

Trace your ancestry

Back with a family tree or uncovering your ethnicity with Circassian family tree.
Linking generations, setting each in its unique historical perspective
Can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

It can give you a sense of pride and connection to your family's history and heritage.

Old circassians

 Circassian heritage

Explore and Participate in the Cultural
Heritage of the Circassian PeopleCircassian leaf

Explore your heritage

Helping you understand your Circassian genealogy.
A place to collect photos, records. To share what you already know.
There's no better place to find generations of your family and their stories.

Creating a family tree is an excellent way to learn more about your roots, heritage, culture, and identity

Learn accurate details about the
history of Circassian familiesCircassian leaf

Search our history

Find out who your Circassian ancestors were, how they lived and what they did.
Organize your new information. Decide what you want to focus on next.
Export your tree as PDF file. Save it or send it to your family members

Remember the Circassian lives lost and the families forever..

Circassian families

Circassian Tamgas

Identify your tribal or clan affiliation
and find your corresponding tamgaCircassian leaf

Identify your family tamga

You can then incorporate this symbol into your family tree design
The symbol was to protect the family as a whole
Finding one's family tamga can be a rewarding experience

The symbol serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the Circassian people