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Let's build your Adyghe (Circassian) Family Tree, with the name of your tribe and lineage.

The website is designed, and created to let Circassians people around the world meet, and share thier history, and family tree by mentioning you tribe and subethnic groups, which are represented by stars on the Circassian flag: 
Abdzakh, Besleney, Bzhedug, Hatuqwai, Kabardian, Mamkhegh,  Natukhai, Shapsug, Temirgoy, Ubykh, Yegeruqwai, Zhaney.

+ Circassians Family Tree Features:


  •  From the oldest grandfather to the newest child.
  •  Adding your adyghe tribe and lineage.
  •  Private family tree, protected with a Password to view it.
  •  Make Moderators to build and update the tree, Only from registered Users.
  •  Update Personal information and details.
  •  Adding Contact information.
  •  Biographical information.
  •  Adding your social links.
  •  Adding your professional.
  •  Upload many Pictures for every member from the family tree.
  •  Read articles, news,
  •  Subscribe to our newsletter. We will send updated news, events, interesting information, images, videos, articles, stories. 
  •  Public voting system concerning our main cases.
  •  Share your family tree on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Send in Email.
  •  Export your tree as PDF file.
  •  Unlimited Family Members.
  •  Multi-Language. Adyghe language is included. English, France, Deutsch, Nederland, Русский, Español, Türkçe, العربية. עִברִית
  •  And more to come..

It is a home for Circassian family memories.. 
Build it with the participation of everyone and make it stretch to infinity. 
Make your family tree live with Circassian Family Tree. 
Do not leave it just a memory hanging. 
Preserving the ties of kinship between us.

Invite your relatives to create your family tree together, and keep communicating with them.

Watch the video to understand how to use the site, and create your family tree.

Circassian Family Tree coming soon..

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